About Me

I was born October 28, 1984 in Chicago, IL. I hardly had hair lol but it eventually grew in full, pretty and thick! We moved to MS when I was 6 and been here since then.  My mom used to keep my hair in braids or pony tails.  I never had any say so on the type of styles I had... she would say this is my hair until your old enough to do it yourself lol!  I would get it pressed on Sundays before church and she would always stress how I didn't need a perm!  Well, I wanted a perm so my hair could be straight all the time and I could comb it myself! Sooo, I talked her into it!  I love it! It was so straight and pretty and I didn't have to get it pressed for church anymore. 

My senior year of highschool I got my hair colored which eventually led to breakage because I didn't take care of it.. So I used that as an excuse to go to college with a new cut! I got my hair cut in layers and I loved it... until I wanted to put it in a ponytail and it wasn't long enough!  So I let it grow back out.

I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2008 with a degree in Social Work.  I currently work as an Outreach Educator for HIV at a health clinic.  I love my job and bringing awareness to the community.  I will be starting school again, Spring 2011, for my Masters in Public Health and I can't wait.

I have been wanting to go natural for a while but truthfully was afraid of the process.  I did not want to "look a fool" while transitioning and just didn't want to deal with the whole process at all! But I kept thinking about it and looking up information and finally decided to go through with it because it is something I really want to do.  Although I wish the process was faster, everything takes a process which will make you appreciate it that much more! My last relaxer was July 10th and thankfully I know how to comb my hair and make it look nice with the help of flat twist outs, flexi rod sets, and braids!  I have been doing flat twistouts on my hair forever but never called it anything..... My husband will say, will you do that curly thing to your hair... he loves that style so I know he will love my natural hair.

Speaking of my husband, I got married September 22, 2007, the best day of my life! 6mths later I was pregnant and my son, the 2nd best thing to happen to me, was born on November 23, 2008!  Actually I graduated college about 2 weeks after he was born! I was still pretty swollen well fat lol

I look forward to my journey to natural hair and plan to visit http://www.naturallycurly.com/ and a few other places very often since there is tons of information there to help me in my process!  I'm already addicted and plan to document all the twists and turns I make throughout this process!