Saturday, July 30, 2011


When going natural or being natural, there is always a search for the "right" product. We read blogs and watch youtube reviews to see what others like and spend money on these products hoping they will work for our hair as well. Sometimes we luck up and find that right product and stick to it or we continue to search and spend money to find that perfect product. Sometimes our inner product junky kicks in and although we may have products that work great with our hair, we purchase new products just to try it. Some may try many products for the sole purpose of giving reviews to help others (Thanks guys!). Either way, we all go through a stage where we search for the perfect product.

Sometimes we expect too much of a product. We may want the product itself to make our hair thick, curly, silky, longer, or even shinier. Sometimes products give us what we want while other times we are expecting a miracle out of a product. A product can assist us with problems we have with our hair but a product can not create something out of nothing. If someone has straight or kinky hair, a product cannot make the hair curly. But, if we are rolling the hair with rollers, a product can help maintain the curls.

I think the main issue is that each individual person has to learn their hair. Sometimes you may find your hair twin but that doesn't mean your hair will like the same products as their hair. It is all a matter of trial and error and figuring out what works best with your strands.

What does your hair like???

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