Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chop chop!

I am free!!! Free from those dead, limp, scraggly, relaxed ends!!!! After 1 year, 1 wk and 3 days, I decided that I was mentally ready to cut my hair!!!

I did not wait to cut it because I was afraid of how my natural hair would look.... I've seen my natural hair before since I got my first relaxer in 1999. I was mainly worried that the length would be too short for me. I did not want a TWA... neither I nor my husband would have been happy about that! But I felt like I was ready, esp after making small cuts and seeing how good it looked. I was ready to let go of the relaxed hair!

As of July 20, 2011, I am 100% natural! My husband says my hair looks much better with the relaxed hair gone and I am so happy that I did this! I will post more pictures later!

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