Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I cut a little of my hair!

 I was playing in my hair the other day & while pulled up in a ball.... I pulled out some of the hair in the very back and saw how scraggly the ends looked in that section.....  Sooooooo, I decided to cut it off! I mean why not?! It's just a little bit anyway right?!                                      So I cut it off!!!

<-------And this was the end result!  Even though it is only a small section, I am very excited about it!

May 10th will make 10 months of transitioning for me! I'm kind of excited that I made it this far.  I have not had any difficult times so far while dealing with the 2 textures although my hair does get a little tangled sometimes, especially when I just don't feel like combing it!  But I'm still no where near ready to cut off all my relaxed ends!  I'm ready to tackle the next 10 months of transitioning.... Let's go!!!

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