Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginnings

Geez, it has been a little over a month since my last blog!  Well, I have a few updates.......

I am almost 9 months relaxer free and I feel really good about that!  I can't really tell how many inches of new growth I have but I feel like it's a lot for 9 months!  I still don't have enough natural hair for my comfort where I would chop off my relaxed ends but I really think by October I will be ready... who knows, maybe before then!

My favorite style continues to be flat twistouts.  This picture was last week, right after a wash.  I usually twist it up right after I condition it and let it air dry overnight.

Soooo right now I have to deal with crazy Mississippi weather when trying to keep my hair looking nice.  But my family is getting ready to relocate!  As of next week we will be in Chicago!  This will be a big change for my family and we are excited about it!  I'm looking forward to meeting new people as well!  Now as for my hair.... I'm not sure how this will effect it.

Will I have to change how I treat my hair in order to deal with the different climate?  Or can I continue doing the same things? 

Any suggestions????

Whole head twisted

Finished Product

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