Thursday, February 17, 2011

7 Months Post Relaxer

Sooooo it has been a little over 7 months since my last relaxer!  I can honestly say that I am getting a little anxious for the relaxed ends to be gone but not anxious enough to cut my hair off. 

As far as manageability and hair maintenance so far, it has gotten a little harder as I gain more natural hair.  My relaxed hair sheds some but I know it is due to the line of demarcation.  It hasn't been a noticeable shed like it doesn't look like I'm losing hair! It's just shedding more than it would if I had a relaxer right now due to the 2 different textures.  But I still keep it combed and moisturized and have just about started a little regimen, but that is bound to change.

I plan to do some braids soon but I never leave them in long enough.  I also plan to purchase some coconut oil and shea butter to figure out if I would like one of those better or to just continue using olive oil.

The hairstyle below is a flat twistout that is a little frizzy because my hair was still a little damp this morning when I took it down..... Random thought: I don't blow dry my hair at all but I do want to purchase a new blow dryer... any recommendations?

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