Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss Frustration... Help!!!!!!

I am starting to get soooo frustrated with all this food modification & exercising and not really seeing results!

It's like my weight goes up and down regardless of what I do!  I have been going betwen 121 and 126 and I want to get down to 115-117....  I do understand that it takes time and you have to continue working and will gradually see results..... but I want to see results now!!

The 1st pic is me w/my lil sister right before I got pregnant ... the 2nd pic is @ 7mths... & the 3rd pic is me & da hubby about 2 yrs after baby

I know that technically, I am still considered small, but I am not what I was pre-baby and I want that back!!! I don't want to have to walk around and hold my stomach in... that is sooo not comfortable!

Do you have any work out tips or suggestions?  Anyone else have/had this same issue after having a baby that can relate and give advice???  I'm really trying to lose my mid-section fat.... it's just so harddddddddd!!!!!!!


  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Eat small portions of food. Fill in with a lot of fruits. I use apples and it works!!!!! Dance for one hour everyday.

  3. Thank you Tinuke! I will definitely try that, especially dancing a lil bit everyday!

  4. Thanks for sharing your opinion and your image.