Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss Frustration... Help!!!!!!

I am starting to get soooo frustrated with all this food modification & exercising and not really seeing results!

It's like my weight goes up and down regardless of what I do!  I have been going betwen 121 and 126 and I want to get down to 115-117....  I do understand that it takes time and you have to continue working and will gradually see results..... but I want to see results now!!

The 1st pic is me w/my lil sister right before I got pregnant ... the 2nd pic is @ 7mths... & the 3rd pic is me & da hubby about 2 yrs after baby

I know that technically, I am still considered small, but I am not what I was pre-baby and I want that back!!! I don't want to have to walk around and hold my stomach in... that is sooo not comfortable!

Do you have any work out tips or suggestions?  Anyone else have/had this same issue after having a baby that can relate and give advice???  I'm really trying to lose my mid-section fat.... it's just so harddddddddd!!!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Battle of the Hair Types

Between 3b, 3c, 4a, and 4b which one am I???????? 

Frankly, I really don't care!

Some people get sooo wrapped up in hair types that they forget to just enjoy their hair.  Everyone's hair is different which makes us unique, along with many other things.  Some people get mad when they "think" they have a specific hair type, they become fully natural, and their hair ends up being curlier or kinkier than they expected.  So they may go buy tons of products trying to make their hair do something it won't do or get mad because their hair isn't like they expected.  Others may go back to a relaxer because it wasn't what they were expecting.

I did not get a relaxer until right before going to highschool.  So I know what my hair is like in it's natural state, BUT, I did not comb my own hair then... my mom combed my hair all the time so it will still be an experience and learning process for me.  Many women who go natural are just seeing their hair for the first time because they were relaxed at a young age and they may get disappointed when they have this preconceived notion that their hair will be a specific type and it is different than expected.

I have been looking into this hair typing system to see the benefits of it.  So far, the only benefit I see is the ability to get connected with other women who may have a similar texture and being able to explain to someone who can't see you in person how your hair looks.  Products don't require you to know your hair type.  I have never seen a product that said it was for 2b/3c/4a hair.  I have seen products that say for wavy/curly/kinky hair.

I also think the hair typing system can go along with the whole good hair bad hair notion and people believing that a specific hair type is better or is considered to be "good hair".  Some people may favor one hair type over another but when we do it amongst ourselves we are just separating ourselves from one another.  I've talked to some people about going natural and some people will respond saying, I don't have good hair or I don't have curly  hair so it wouldn't look right.  But it's all hair and we all can achieve the look we want if we learn to manipulate our hair to our advantage.

So, regardless of your hair type, whether it is 2b, 4c, or a freaking F, learn to love the hair  you were blessed with!!!!