Saturday, July 30, 2011


When going natural or being natural, there is always a search for the "right" product. We read blogs and watch youtube reviews to see what others like and spend money on these products hoping they will work for our hair as well. Sometimes we luck up and find that right product and stick to it or we continue to search and spend money to find that perfect product. Sometimes our inner product junky kicks in and although we may have products that work great with our hair, we purchase new products just to try it. Some may try many products for the sole purpose of giving reviews to help others (Thanks guys!). Either way, we all go through a stage where we search for the perfect product.

Sometimes we expect too much of a product. We may want the product itself to make our hair thick, curly, silky, longer, or even shinier. Sometimes products give us what we want while other times we are expecting a miracle out of a product. A product can assist us with problems we have with our hair but a product can not create something out of nothing. If someone has straight or kinky hair, a product cannot make the hair curly. But, if we are rolling the hair with rollers, a product can help maintain the curls.

I think the main issue is that each individual person has to learn their hair. Sometimes you may find your hair twin but that doesn't mean your hair will like the same products as their hair. It is all a matter of trial and error and figuring out what works best with your strands.

What does your hair like???

Friday, July 22, 2011

Transition Cut Short

My last relaxer was July 10, 2010 and I did my chop on July 20, 2011. I initially planned on transitioning for 1 1/2-2 yrs but when looking at my hair, I felt it was at a length that I am comfortable with. My hair tends to grow really fast which is why I went ahead and cut. I know it will grow even faster now that the dead weight is gone!

I was not afraid of how I would look with my natural hair because why wouldn't I look good with what I was born with?! My main issue was the length. I did not want a TWA and have never had really short hair. I did not want to look in the mirror and not like the length so that is why I waited. I had my hair cut in a short style my freshman yr in college and my hair is a little longer than that right now so I am comfortable with that length. I also know the length will change within the next couple months.

Let the growing begin!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chop chop!

I am free!!! Free from those dead, limp, scraggly, relaxed ends!!!! After 1 year, 1 wk and 3 days, I decided that I was mentally ready to cut my hair!!!

I did not wait to cut it because I was afraid of how my natural hair would look.... I've seen my natural hair before since I got my first relaxer in 1999. I was mainly worried that the length would be too short for me. I did not want a TWA... neither I nor my husband would have been happy about that! But I felt like I was ready, esp after making small cuts and seeing how good it looked. I was ready to let go of the relaxed hair!

As of July 20, 2011, I am 100% natural! My husband says my hair looks much better with the relaxed hair gone and I am so happy that I did this! I will post more pictures later!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Current Products

Lately I have been on this Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus product line. When I find a product I like I tend to stick to it. I use this Shea Moisture line minus the spray and still use Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in. I have the Come Clean shampoo and sometimes alternate between using that and the Shea Moisture shampoo if I am not co-washing. I still use Vo5 or Suave conditioner for co-washing. I think I want to try Miss Jessie's and Carol's Daughter. Maybe I will buy just a sample size of the products to try them out. I don't like wasting money!

My styles have continued to be flat twists/bantu knot outs and of course I still use my flexi-rods when I'm not being lazy. An accessory that I cannot live without is the stretch headband and the banana clip. I use the banana clip alot, esp when a hairstyle gets old and I want to make it look like a new style... I just put it into a mohawk with the banana clip!!!

What are your current go to products???

A Transitioners Update

I have not been blogging as much lately. One of the reasons I have not been doing so is that I have been trying to get adjusted in this new city. Relocating from Hattiesburg to Chicago was and still is a big adjustment! I have been looking for a job, an apartment, as well as adequate childcare for my little boy! Things are starting to come along now..... I'm a city girl now lol!!!

July 10th will make one whole year free of relaxer. I am really excited about that and this year has actually past by really fast. If I knew it would be this easy for me, I would have started transitioning a few years ago!! I am still in the transitioning stage because I have not cut off my relaxed ends yet. I do clip my ends every 3 months or so just to keep it neat and to get rid of some relaxed hair a little at a time.

I think I am almost ready to clip off the remaining relaxed hair and just may go through the short phase. I say this because I see so many women with their beautiful curly fros and I wish I could just wash and go sometimes. I won't cut it yet because I want to make sure I am mentally prepared for that cut. I want to cut it when I feel like my natural hair is longer and overpowering my relaxed hair. It is almost there but not quite.

There is this natural hair event in Atlanta the last weekend of October where they want to do 400 big chops. My sister-n-law is also transitioning and I think it has been 4-5 mths post relaxer for her. We both have been talking about going to this event and letting that be the time when we both cut off our relaxed ends. At the end of October, I will be a little over 15 1/2 months post relaxer. That will also be my birthday weekend. I'm thinking this may be the perfect time to go ahead and free my hair of the relaxed ends, if I don't clip them off beforehand!

Anyone else planning to go to that event in October?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I cut a little of my hair!

 I was playing in my hair the other day & while pulled up in a ball.... I pulled out some of the hair in the very back and saw how scraggly the ends looked in that section.....  Sooooooo, I decided to cut it off! I mean why not?! It's just a little bit anyway right?!                                      So I cut it off!!!

<-------And this was the end result!  Even though it is only a small section, I am very excited about it!

May 10th will make 10 months of transitioning for me! I'm kind of excited that I made it this far.  I have not had any difficult times so far while dealing with the 2 textures although my hair does get a little tangled sometimes, especially when I just don't feel like combing it!  But I'm still no where near ready to cut off all my relaxed ends!  I'm ready to tackle the next 10 months of transitioning.... Let's go!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Beginnings

Geez, it has been a little over a month since my last blog!  Well, I have a few updates.......

I am almost 9 months relaxer free and I feel really good about that!  I can't really tell how many inches of new growth I have but I feel like it's a lot for 9 months!  I still don't have enough natural hair for my comfort where I would chop off my relaxed ends but I really think by October I will be ready... who knows, maybe before then!

My favorite style continues to be flat twistouts.  This picture was last week, right after a wash.  I usually twist it up right after I condition it and let it air dry overnight.

Soooo right now I have to deal with crazy Mississippi weather when trying to keep my hair looking nice.  But my family is getting ready to relocate!  As of next week we will be in Chicago!  This will be a big change for my family and we are excited about it!  I'm looking forward to meeting new people as well!  Now as for my hair.... I'm not sure how this will effect it.

Will I have to change how I treat my hair in order to deal with the different climate?  Or can I continue doing the same things? 

Any suggestions????

Whole head twisted

Finished Product

Thursday, February 17, 2011

7 Months Post Relaxer

Sooooo it has been a little over 7 months since my last relaxer!  I can honestly say that I am getting a little anxious for the relaxed ends to be gone but not anxious enough to cut my hair off. 

As far as manageability and hair maintenance so far, it has gotten a little harder as I gain more natural hair.  My relaxed hair sheds some but I know it is due to the line of demarcation.  It hasn't been a noticeable shed like it doesn't look like I'm losing hair! It's just shedding more than it would if I had a relaxer right now due to the 2 different textures.  But I still keep it combed and moisturized and have just about started a little regimen, but that is bound to change.

I plan to do some braids soon but I never leave them in long enough.  I also plan to purchase some coconut oil and shea butter to figure out if I would like one of those better or to just continue using olive oil.

The hairstyle below is a flat twistout that is a little frizzy because my hair was still a little damp this morning when I took it down..... Random thought: I don't blow dry my hair at all but I do want to purchase a new blow dryer... any recommendations?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weight Loss Frustration... Help!!!!!!

I am starting to get soooo frustrated with all this food modification & exercising and not really seeing results!

It's like my weight goes up and down regardless of what I do!  I have been going betwen 121 and 126 and I want to get down to 115-117....  I do understand that it takes time and you have to continue working and will gradually see results..... but I want to see results now!!

The 1st pic is me w/my lil sister right before I got pregnant ... the 2nd pic is @ 7mths... & the 3rd pic is me & da hubby about 2 yrs after baby

I know that technically, I am still considered small, but I am not what I was pre-baby and I want that back!!! I don't want to have to walk around and hold my stomach in... that is sooo not comfortable!

Do you have any work out tips or suggestions?  Anyone else have/had this same issue after having a baby that can relate and give advice???  I'm really trying to lose my mid-section fat.... it's just so harddddddddd!!!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Battle of the Hair Types

Between 3b, 3c, 4a, and 4b which one am I???????? 

Frankly, I really don't care!

Some people get sooo wrapped up in hair types that they forget to just enjoy their hair.  Everyone's hair is different which makes us unique, along with many other things.  Some people get mad when they "think" they have a specific hair type, they become fully natural, and their hair ends up being curlier or kinkier than they expected.  So they may go buy tons of products trying to make their hair do something it won't do or get mad because their hair isn't like they expected.  Others may go back to a relaxer because it wasn't what they were expecting.

I did not get a relaxer until right before going to highschool.  So I know what my hair is like in it's natural state, BUT, I did not comb my own hair then... my mom combed my hair all the time so it will still be an experience and learning process for me.  Many women who go natural are just seeing their hair for the first time because they were relaxed at a young age and they may get disappointed when they have this preconceived notion that their hair will be a specific type and it is different than expected.

I have been looking into this hair typing system to see the benefits of it.  So far, the only benefit I see is the ability to get connected with other women who may have a similar texture and being able to explain to someone who can't see you in person how your hair looks.  Products don't require you to know your hair type.  I have never seen a product that said it was for 2b/3c/4a hair.  I have seen products that say for wavy/curly/kinky hair.

I also think the hair typing system can go along with the whole good hair bad hair notion and people believing that a specific hair type is better or is considered to be "good hair".  Some people may favor one hair type over another but when we do it amongst ourselves we are just separating ourselves from one another.  I've talked to some people about going natural and some people will respond saying, I don't have good hair or I don't have curly  hair so it wouldn't look right.  But it's all hair and we all can achieve the look we want if we learn to manipulate our hair to our advantage.

So, regardless of your hair type, whether it is 2b, 4c, or a freaking F, learn to love the hair  you were blessed with!!!!