Friday, December 10, 2010

The negative image of natural black hair

Sooo my co-worker did her big chop yesterday and I am very excited for her and can't wait until I am fully natural!  While she rocked her new do today, I had a chance to hear comments and see facial expressions and there was a mixture of positive and negative responses that I noticed.  There will always be mixed reviews when it comes to natural hair because not everyone understands.  Everyone does not know that I am transitioning and those who do know ask questions, make their comments and leave it at that.  Some people are supportive while others are not.... But I don't really care! When I hear people talk about going natural some responses I hear are why, you don't have "good hair" or your hair is going to be to "nappy" or oh your hair will be pretty because you have "good hair" but who is to say whose hair is good or not??  One person't hair may be curlier than the others but the one with the curls may wish hers was a little straighter or vice versa! I feel like everyone's hair could be "Good" if we all learn how to take care of what we were blessed with!

Although some people still view natural hair as too nappy to wear daily, it is definitely becoming more mainstream!  More and more women are deciding to go natural for many different reasons.  Whether they are doing the big chop or a short or long transition, they are all going through a process which may include self-discovery as well!  For some going natural may be just a fad but for others it may have more meaning to it.  Either way we are changing the image of how people view natural black hair!

What are some responses you have received in regards to going natural or being natural???


  1. Great post ... I personally have not gotten negative comments about my natural hair to my face. But even if I had gotten negative comments, it definitely wouldn't affect me at all. I always do me and never worry about what others think ...

    I also hate the "good hair" "bad hair" argument ... what the heck is bad hair unless you don't care for it at all? Healthy hair is good hair ... has nothing to do with the curl size ... ugh.

    Some responses I have gotten ... "Hmmm that's interesting (from my aunt, but in a positive way, not a disapproving way)" "I love it, your hair is so long and full!" "It's so fluffy!" "Fly!" "I'm proud of you!" "It's so nice!" Yeahh that's all I can think of :)

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you have not experienced any negative comments on your natural hair!

  3. Hey, I found your blog via a thread on naturally curly. First off i want to say, "great post." I think it's cool that your co-worker went ahead and cut her hair.

    Me? I'm not natural yet... and a big reason that I'm not yet is b/c I want more length. When I decide to go fully natural, I want my hair to be BANGIN' lol... I want to rep for all of those natural girls out there. and I know me personally, I wont keep up my short hair...

    I know that some people still probably wont understand... but I hope to love my hair and love myself enough (and i think that I'm already there) to change how they view --even in the slightest bit-- natural hair.

    thanks for the post!


  4. I feel you Juceefroot!! I want my hair to be the bomb as well and plan to do a long transition!! I'm not big on the short fro because I prefer longer hair on myself! Thanks for reading!!