Thursday, December 30, 2010

Natural Hair Nazis

What exactly is a Natural Hair Nazi???

I consider someone to be a natural hair nazi if they believe you are only natural if you use certain products, do not believe in straightening the hair at all, or will argue with someone on their use of relaxers.

Or someone that may jump down someone else's throat for putting color in their hair or doing anything that is against their personal definition of what is natural...

Anyway, what made me think of this was seeing comments others have made on some webpages and in real life.. People really trip me out at how they will judge someone else because they choose not to be natural or because they choose to use certain products that may not have all natural ingredients, or if they choose to straighten their hair.  It's their hair, let them do what they want, unless they actually ask you for advice on their hair.

Everyone is not the same and do not view hair the same.  Even everyone that is going natural or already natural are not the same and may all have different reasons for going natural. 

I won't put someone down because they want to keep getting relaxers... I loved my  hair when I had a relaxer but I also loved my hair beforehand and feel natural would be best for me and my hair.  Natural may not be for everyone although it is what we were born with.  People were also blessed to develop new ways to alter the hair's natural state and during this day and age there are many many mannnyyy options for people to choose from in regards to their hair.  If everyone looked the same, it would be quite boring and it's nice to have choices!

If someone wants to talk to me about transitioning and going natural, I'd be excited to talk about it!  If someone wanted to talk about beauticians and relaxers, I could still talk and give my opinion on what I did and used when I was fully relaxed. 

I personally do not care how you wear your hair... I just want everyone to be happy with what is on their head whether it be relaxed, natural, colored, or straightened.  Just make sure you keep your hair combed, neat, and healthy however you are wearing it! Well... maybe I care a little bit ;-) or I wouldn't be saying anything!

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