Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 10 tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair.....

So you want to go natural but not sure where to start.... Well, here are a few tips that I feel will help you get started on your journey to Natural Hair!

1. Know your own reason for going natural!
Don't do it because alot of people are or because your friends are.  The process can be hard so you need to know why you are doing it in the first place so that you can stick with it!

2. Prepare yourself for the positive & negative comments that will come yourway! Everyone does not understand natural hair & many people will give unwanted comments, suggestions, & advice.

3. Set goals for yourself!
Whether you want to get a couple months of new growth & then B/C (Big Chop) or you want to transition for as long as possible to get to a length you are comfortable with... set a hair goal!!!

4. Do NOT expect your hair to look like someone elses!!!
Many people see someone who has really curly or wavy natural hair & expect their hair to look like that. Unless you already know how your natural hair will look, do not have false expectations. Everyone's hair will not do the same thing!

5. Take time to learn about YOUR hair.
Find out what products & styles work for you.  People can give suggestions about products & styles that worked for their hair but you won't know until you try it out for yourself. It will be a process of trial & error until you get it right.

6. Know that products are not miracle workers.
If you buy a product that will enhance curls but you dont have curly hair.... it wont work for you!

7. Be patient with your hair!
It can get very nerve wrecking dealing with 2 textures in your head. Do styles that will help blend the 2 textures like curls, twist, twistouts, braids... If you're not sure how to do these styles, check out youtube. There are a bunch of transitioners & naturals who put up tutorial videos showing how to do certain styles. Plus you don't want to walk around looking a mess just because you're going natural!

8. Detangling is very very important.
It is best to detangle while conditioner is in your hair using a wide tooth comb!!!

9. Connect with others in the natural hair community.
You will be able to get support, tips & tricks while going through the process & after your fully natural.

10. Learn to LOVE your hair & have fun with it!


  1. Great list, I think a great one is also to just relax and remember that to a lot of people it's just hair. I think sometimes we get so into what other people may think only to find out that they really don't care.

    For me, I have found most people couldn't have cared less about me going natural.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks Jarmelia! & you're right, it is just hair... It comes & go & will grow back & a lot of people really don't care. So we all need to develop thick skin & stop worrying about other people & their thoughts!