Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food Moderation & Work Out: Week One

This week I began what some may call a diet but I'm calling it a moderation in what I eat!  I started back doing Hip Hop Abs, I started before but quit, & I started eating more fruit & vegetables & less junk food! My goal is to become healthier, lose some inches, & just feel better as a whole!

For breakfast I may eat a piece of raisin toast, a banana, & drink a bottle of water!

For lunch I will eat some fruit, apple, grapes, kiwi, or whatever fruit I like & have that day & drink some water.

I will also eat a piece of fruit & drink some water for an afternoon snack.

& for dinner I will eat a meal consisting of a baked meat, chicken or fish, & some type of pasta or rice, & some vegetables. Oh & I drink more water!

I will drink lots of water throughout the day with a goal of drinking 100oz or more!  That may sound like alot of water but if your bottles are 20oz & you drink a whole bottle each time, that's only 5 bottles!!

Some people don't like the taste of water & you can get those small packs of flavor enhancers to add taste to it!

So far I'm fine but at times I really want some junk food, my weakness, or I think about McDonald's fries, which I'm laying off of for now!

I figure if I'm trying to get a healthy head of hair I need to start putting healthy food in my body as well & have a consistent routine!  They go hand in hand to me!  But of course this food moderation is only the beginning & I'm sure it will change as time passes.  But for the next two weeks, this will be my regime!!!

Hip Hops Abs is fun but kicking my butt at the same time!! I will update on the progress with that later!

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