Friday, December 17, 2010

Confessions of a Transitioner

(In my Usher voice) These are my confessions....

iConfess I am obsessed with all things hair

iConfess that I know my husband doesn't really care to hear my hair talk but listens anyway & I love that

iConfess I love wash days and enjoy spending all that time in the shower

iConfess I can't keep my hands out of my head

iConfess that although I love braids, I can never leave them in for an adequate amount of time

iConfess that watching all the YouTube videos makes me want to BC but then I think about it and come back to reality

iConfess that dealing with 2 diff textures isn't hard for me but the wait process is

iConfess that I wish I could shorten the transitioning timeframe and increase the amount of hair that grows in that time

iConfess that I enjoy connecting with other women who are transitioning or are already natural.... it's always nice to communicate with others who share a common interest

iConfess that confessions are good for the soul.... more confessions coming soon!!

What are your confessions?

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