Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The beginning of my Natural Journey

I guess I will start by saying that my last relaxer was July 10, 2010!  I have been wanting to go natural for the past year but just wasn't ready for the process.  I always knew I wouldn't do the big chop, especially since I have always had a decent length of hair.  My first relaxer was the end of my 8th grade year in 1999 and I actually begged my mom for one.  I hated getting my hair pressed for church on Sundays and unfortunately was a follower at that time.  All of my friends had perms/relaxers and I wanted one too!  Plus I felt that if my hair was permanently straight, I could begin to comb my own hair and wear more "grown-up" styles instead of pony tails and stuff! So my mom gave me a just for me perm.

After getting the relaxer I decided I wanted a full thick bang and cut my hair myself! Of course I got in trouble and cut wayyy to much and to far back! So my mom took me to the beauty shop for the 1st time so they could fix it and they cut all the front of my hair to match what I cut and said that was the only way it would grow back..... of course it never did! But anyway, I continued to get relaxers every 3-4 months up until July 10th when I decided it would be my last.

I am not going natural because I want to see what my hair looks like or because I'm trying to prove a point.  I am going natural because I want full, healthy hair & most of the styles I like to wear are big, curly hairstyles and I don't need a relaxer to be "pretty" or have "pretty hair."  There are an array of styles I can do with or without a relaxer so why not be without... My hair looks great in it's natural state and I want that back! 

So I have been doing research, looking at blogs, product reviews, youtube videos, and feel like it will help me throughout my journey and want to document my journey as well.  It has been 6mths since my last relaxer and I thought it would be really hard by now but my hair is fine, I still look professional when I go to work and I can't wait until this time next year when all my relaxed hair is gone!  If I would have known the transition would be this easy, I would have started last year!

I hope to meet some people that started their transition around the same time as I did as well!

Btw, my hair is currently in microbraids, I did them myself.  They have been in about 2 wks and I usually don't leave braids in my hair long (2wks is a long time for me) but I'm trying my best to leave them in until Christmas (4wks)!

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