Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Top 10 tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair.....

So you want to go natural but not sure where to start.... Well, here are a few tips that I feel will help you get started on your journey to Natural Hair!

1. Know your own reason for going natural!
Don't do it because alot of people are or because your friends are.  The process can be hard so you need to know why you are doing it in the first place so that you can stick with it!

2. Prepare yourself for the positive & negative comments that will come yourway! Everyone does not understand natural hair & many people will give unwanted comments, suggestions, & advice.

3. Set goals for yourself!
Whether you want to get a couple months of new growth & then B/C (Big Chop) or you want to transition for as long as possible to get to a length you are comfortable with... set a hair goal!!!

4. Do NOT expect your hair to look like someone elses!!!
Many people see someone who has really curly or wavy natural hair & expect their hair to look like that. Unless you already know how your natural hair will look, do not have false expectations. Everyone's hair will not do the same thing!

5. Take time to learn about YOUR hair.
Find out what products & styles work for you.  People can give suggestions about products & styles that worked for their hair but you won't know until you try it out for yourself. It will be a process of trial & error until you get it right.

6. Know that products are not miracle workers.
If you buy a product that will enhance curls but you dont have curly hair.... it wont work for you!

7. Be patient with your hair!
It can get very nerve wrecking dealing with 2 textures in your head. Do styles that will help blend the 2 textures like curls, twist, twistouts, braids... If you're not sure how to do these styles, check out youtube. There are a bunch of transitioners & naturals who put up tutorial videos showing how to do certain styles. Plus you don't want to walk around looking a mess just because you're going natural!

8. Detangling is very very important.
It is best to detangle while conditioner is in your hair using a wide tooth comb!!!

9. Connect with others in the natural hair community.
You will be able to get support, tips & tricks while going through the process & after your fully natural.

10. Learn to LOVE your hair & have fun with it!

Natural Hair Nazis

What exactly is a Natural Hair Nazi???

I consider someone to be a natural hair nazi if they believe you are only natural if you use certain products, do not believe in straightening the hair at all, or will argue with someone on their use of relaxers.

Or someone that may jump down someone else's throat for putting color in their hair or doing anything that is against their personal definition of what is natural...

Anyway, what made me think of this was seeing comments others have made on some webpages and in real life.. People really trip me out at how they will judge someone else because they choose not to be natural or because they choose to use certain products that may not have all natural ingredients, or if they choose to straighten their hair.  It's their hair, let them do what they want, unless they actually ask you for advice on their hair.

Everyone is not the same and do not view hair the same.  Even everyone that is going natural or already natural are not the same and may all have different reasons for going natural. 

I won't put someone down because they want to keep getting relaxers... I loved my  hair when I had a relaxer but I also loved my hair beforehand and feel natural would be best for me and my hair.  Natural may not be for everyone although it is what we were born with.  People were also blessed to develop new ways to alter the hair's natural state and during this day and age there are many many mannnyyy options for people to choose from in regards to their hair.  If everyone looked the same, it would be quite boring and it's nice to have choices!

If someone wants to talk to me about transitioning and going natural, I'd be excited to talk about it!  If someone wanted to talk about beauticians and relaxers, I could still talk and give my opinion on what I did and used when I was fully relaxed. 

I personally do not care how you wear your hair... I just want everyone to be happy with what is on their head whether it be relaxed, natural, colored, or straightened.  Just make sure you keep your hair combed, neat, and healthy however you are wearing it! Well... maybe I care a little bit ;-) or I wouldn't be saying anything!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!!!

Sooooo my holiday hairstyle of choice was a head full of tight curls!  I also tried a new method this time.  I normally would use setting lotion when using flexirods but this time I decided to use extra virgin olive oil since so many people say it is good for our hair.  I didn't really know how I would use it but I decided to put some olive oil in a spray bottle, added water, and put a couple drops of kinky curly knot today in it.  It was like 1/4 olive oil and 3/4 water with 2 drops of KCKT. 

After I washed my hair with KeraCare sulfate free detangling shampoo, I deep conditioned with Olive Oil Replenishing Pak, and put in Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in.   At this point I would usually saturate with setting lotion and proceed to roll it but instead I sprayed my hair as I rolled it with the olive oil and water solution and rolled it.  I let it air dry over-night and took the rollers out Christmas morning... My hair was very soft, shiny, bouncy, and free of frizz!  I will use the solution this week after my wash to see if it gives me the same results or if it was the deep conditioner that gave me those results.... Or maybe it was a combination of both.  We will find out!

What do you use to moisturize your hair?  I'm trying to find inexpensive ways to do so.... in other words, I don't really want to buy a bunch of products that I may or may not like and waste money but if I have to spend some money I will.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Product Excitement

I purchased some much needed new products today and I am sooo excited... I love hair products!!!

I purchased a Denman brush, a shower comb, an antimicrobial wide tooth comb, some hair clips for holding the hair when in sections when styling, and some headbands. Oh yea, I also purchased some Silk Elements MegaSilk Heat Protectant Spray! I can't wait to use my stuff and to purchase more products and hair accessories.  I'm still trying to find the perfect moisturizer for my hair... I don't want anything too heavy!  I will talk about different products and how they work on transitioning hair later.

I know with products there is trial and error and you have to find what works best for you, but that can get expensive and I have a 2 year old and can't just be wasting money on products that I may or may not use!  I've really been thinking about buying some of Miss Jessie's products and they have a holiday special on their site until December 31st where you can buy a product and get another one for free.  I will look at a few more product reviews on before I decide to actually buy!  

Are there any particular products that you swear by especially when transitioning?

OMG, Hip Hop Abs is beginning to kill me!!!

When I thought it was getting easier and I was getting the hang of it, here came the total body burn...... gah, I was so going to quit in the middle of the workout but did not want to let my body overpower me! I will have my pre-baby body back regardless of the pain.  Pain is temporary, so I hung in there, the whole 41 minutes! It will all be worth it in the end.

As far as my food modification, I stopped eating one meal a day, I was hungry, but I am still drinking mostly water, at least 80oz daily. I have splurged a few times during the holiday Christmas parties.... But I am still refraining from the Big Macs and McDonald's fries for a while... which is sooo hard to do since I looooovvvveee McDonalds!

One issue I'm having is that when I work out I tend to sweat a whole lot, especially in my head..... which does not help my hairstyles at all!! My flat twistouts become frizzy outs so I'm trying to figure out what to do when working out daily since my head sweats so much!

Any suggestions???? 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transitioning Style: Flat twist out

So I took my microbraids down after 2 1/2 wks... I tried my best to last until Christmas but I couldn't make it, but I got past 2 wks this time!  I washed my hair with my KeraCare sulfate free shampoo conditioned with KeraCare's cream conditioner.... I combed my hair out while the conditioner sat in it, which I left on for at least 30min.  My hair shed so much when I detangled it... We shed hair daily and when having any kind of style that doesn't allow you to comb your hair everyday that shed hair just sits there until you do comb it! So it seemed like alot of hair was coming out but I know it was just the shed hair from the past couple wks.

After rinsing out the conditioner, I used Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in and I love it!! My hair felt so good afterwards.  I flat twisted my hair and will wear a twist out.  This is my go to style when I don't feel like doing anything else.  It is so simple, just wash, condition, leave-in, twist while still wet, sleep on it & let dry over night, and take the twist out the next day!

check out my youtube channel, it only has a couple videos but this is new for me... the start of something new!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Confessions of a Transitioner

(In my Usher voice) These are my confessions....

iConfess I am obsessed with all things hair

iConfess that I know my husband doesn't really care to hear my hair talk but listens anyway & I love that

iConfess I love wash days and enjoy spending all that time in the shower

iConfess I can't keep my hands out of my head

iConfess that although I love braids, I can never leave them in for an adequate amount of time

iConfess that watching all the YouTube videos makes me want to BC but then I think about it and come back to reality

iConfess that dealing with 2 diff textures isn't hard for me but the wait process is

iConfess that I wish I could shorten the transitioning timeframe and increase the amount of hair that grows in that time

iConfess that I enjoy connecting with other women who are transitioning or are already natural.... it's always nice to communicate with others who share a common interest

iConfess that confessions are good for the soul.... more confessions coming soon!!

What are your confessions?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Work Out Update

So this food moderation is starting to get hard! Especially with all the Christmas parties going on during the holiday season!  I did give in on yesterday and indulge in all the delectable treats that were presented at the party.... I couldn't help myself!

I have still been doing my hip hop abs... When I do the workout I wear a Curves waist trimming band that I purchased from Avon.  While I like the band and the fact that I can keep up with how many inches I loose, I just found out that I am allergic to it! :-(   

I have been wearing the band over my clothes but thought I might get more from it if I put it under my clothes... big mistake!!!  The next morning after putting it under my clothes, on my skin, I had a rash going around my waist from my belly to my back!  I have never had an allergic reaction but now I guess I am allergic to neoprene!! It is made of neoprene, nylon, and polyester!!  I'm not going to say I will stop using it, but I won't put it on my skin anynmore!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Natural Hair Excitement

Over the weekend I went to a wedding and of course to church.  When going out I am noticing more and more women rocking their natural hair!  I've seen some with twistouts, TWA's, big afros, twist sets, and curls!  It is like I can't help but to notice these women no matter where I am.  I get excited and sometimes a litle envious since I am still in the transitioning stage of the process.  I love big hair and cannot do everything I want with this relaxed hair still at the ends.  But I still don't want to BC because I'm not ready to rock a TWA, and probably never will be! 

Anyway, I just wanted to post of few pics of some people with natural hair for inspiration.  I do not own any of these pics, I just admire their hair!!  What inspires you to continue your transitioning journey or what inspired you to BC or go natural in the first place?

Friday, December 10, 2010

The negative image of natural black hair

Sooo my co-worker did her big chop yesterday and I am very excited for her and can't wait until I am fully natural!  While she rocked her new do today, I had a chance to hear comments and see facial expressions and there was a mixture of positive and negative responses that I noticed.  There will always be mixed reviews when it comes to natural hair because not everyone understands.  Everyone does not know that I am transitioning and those who do know ask questions, make their comments and leave it at that.  Some people are supportive while others are not.... But I don't really care! When I hear people talk about going natural some responses I hear are why, you don't have "good hair" or your hair is going to be to "nappy" or oh your hair will be pretty because you have "good hair" but who is to say whose hair is good or not??  One person't hair may be curlier than the others but the one with the curls may wish hers was a little straighter or vice versa! I feel like everyone's hair could be "Good" if we all learn how to take care of what we were blessed with!

Although some people still view natural hair as too nappy to wear daily, it is definitely becoming more mainstream!  More and more women are deciding to go natural for many different reasons.  Whether they are doing the big chop or a short or long transition, they are all going through a process which may include self-discovery as well!  For some going natural may be just a fad but for others it may have more meaning to it.  Either way we are changing the image of how people view natural black hair!

What are some responses you have received in regards to going natural or being natural???

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Food Moderation & Work Out: Week One

This week I began what some may call a diet but I'm calling it a moderation in what I eat!  I started back doing Hip Hop Abs, I started before but quit, & I started eating more fruit & vegetables & less junk food! My goal is to become healthier, lose some inches, & just feel better as a whole!

For breakfast I may eat a piece of raisin toast, a banana, & drink a bottle of water!

For lunch I will eat some fruit, apple, grapes, kiwi, or whatever fruit I like & have that day & drink some water.

I will also eat a piece of fruit & drink some water for an afternoon snack.

& for dinner I will eat a meal consisting of a baked meat, chicken or fish, & some type of pasta or rice, & some vegetables. Oh & I drink more water!

I will drink lots of water throughout the day with a goal of drinking 100oz or more!  That may sound like alot of water but if your bottles are 20oz & you drink a whole bottle each time, that's only 5 bottles!!

Some people don't like the taste of water & you can get those small packs of flavor enhancers to add taste to it!

So far I'm fine but at times I really want some junk food, my weakness, or I think about McDonald's fries, which I'm laying off of for now!

I figure if I'm trying to get a healthy head of hair I need to start putting healthy food in my body as well & have a consistent routine!  They go hand in hand to me!  But of course this food moderation is only the beginning & I'm sure it will change as time passes.  But for the next two weeks, this will be my regime!!!

Hip Hops Abs is fun but kicking my butt at the same time!! I will update on the progress with that later!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The beginning of my Natural Journey

I guess I will start by saying that my last relaxer was July 10, 2010!  I have been wanting to go natural for the past year but just wasn't ready for the process.  I always knew I wouldn't do the big chop, especially since I have always had a decent length of hair.  My first relaxer was the end of my 8th grade year in 1999 and I actually begged my mom for one.  I hated getting my hair pressed for church on Sundays and unfortunately was a follower at that time.  All of my friends had perms/relaxers and I wanted one too!  Plus I felt that if my hair was permanently straight, I could begin to comb my own hair and wear more "grown-up" styles instead of pony tails and stuff! So my mom gave me a just for me perm.

After getting the relaxer I decided I wanted a full thick bang and cut my hair myself! Of course I got in trouble and cut wayyy to much and to far back! So my mom took me to the beauty shop for the 1st time so they could fix it and they cut all the front of my hair to match what I cut and said that was the only way it would grow back..... of course it never did! But anyway, I continued to get relaxers every 3-4 months up until July 10th when I decided it would be my last.

I am not going natural because I want to see what my hair looks like or because I'm trying to prove a point.  I am going natural because I want full, healthy hair & most of the styles I like to wear are big, curly hairstyles and I don't need a relaxer to be "pretty" or have "pretty hair."  There are an array of styles I can do with or without a relaxer so why not be without... My hair looks great in it's natural state and I want that back! 

So I have been doing research, looking at blogs, product reviews, youtube videos, and feel like it will help me throughout my journey and want to document my journey as well.  It has been 6mths since my last relaxer and I thought it would be really hard by now but my hair is fine, I still look professional when I go to work and I can't wait until this time next year when all my relaxed hair is gone!  If I would have known the transition would be this easy, I would have started last year!

I hope to meet some people that started their transition around the same time as I did as well!

Btw, my hair is currently in microbraids, I did them myself.  They have been in about 2 wks and I usually don't leave braids in my hair long (2wks is a long time for me) but I'm trying my best to leave them in until Christmas (4wks)!